Fittings&Hose Installation:

1. Using hose cutters cut the PTFE braided hose to the required length by wrapping masking or electrical tape around it to prevent fraying. Trim the hose of any stray braid to form a clean nut(inset).

2. Thread the socket through the hose with the threaded end of the socket towards the cut end and push it back.

3. Inset the olive between the braid and the PTFE hose marking sure none of the braid is trapped between the the Teflon and the Olive.

4. Push the olive into the braid using an olive tool or a hard surface ensuring the olive has been inserted square.

5. Push the hose back onto the nipple. Lubricate the nipple and start threading the socket onto the nipple threads tightening hard.

6. Place the socket in the vice to complete the tightening process. Ensure the gap between the nipple and the socket is no bigger than approximately 1mm.