BJR Performance Lightweight Racing Hose

BJR's New Product- Kryptalon Series Ultra-Light Flexible Kevlar Braided Hose, most up to the minute hose design in the market.

The optimal hose in the BJR range combines a smooth internal bore Teflon liner with a convolulted outer and woven Kevlar braid for greater flow capacity and astonishing flexibility. The smooth big-bore design eradicates boundary layer entrapment and flow disruption, allowing significantly higher flow and pressure ratings than conventional convoluted Teflon hose for performance you can count on!

Kryptalon series hose has a large range of applications, fuels including E85, E10, methanol, oils, lubricants and coolant systems are all suitable. Available in sizes -04 to -20. Must use with lightweight hose ends.

With no special tools required to assemble, Kryptalon hose and fittings have been developed to flow more, be lighter and excel in hard core performance environments but are still easily assembled in your garage or at the track.

  • High flow rates, pressure and temperature ratings
  • Astonishing flexibility
  • Tight bend radiuses
  • Larger inner diameter
  • Greater flow capacity and better performance
  • Suits Kryptalon series fittings.