BJR Performance Nylon Braided Hose

BJR's Nylon Braided Hose constructed with a braided nylon outer shield for abrasion resistance and a flexible stainless steel inner core for superior strength. This gives the hose incredible flexibility, while maintaining the ability to withstand high vacuum and pressure. 

(1) The Inner Liner constructed from synthetic rubber tube, clean and fast flowing, provides constant flow.  
(2) Partial coverage textile inner braid is embedded outside inner liner. 
(3) Full coverage outer braid of nylon bonded to the hose liner provides maximum pressure capabilities, while maintaining the durability and flexibility.

Available in black with blue threading, black with red threading or solid black, have sizes AN4 AN6 AN8 AN10 AN12 AN16 AN20

For use with all fuels and fuel systems, including E85, E10, methanol, oils, lubricants and coolant systems. Temperature range is -40º C to +150º C.

Size I.D. O.D. Operation Press Burst Press
AN4 7/32" 7/16" 500PSI 2000PSI
AN6 11/32" 9/16" 500PSI 2000PSI
AN8 7/16" 11/16" 500PSI 2000PSI
AN10 9/16" 53/64" 500PSI 2000PSI
AN12 11/16" 31/32" 350PSI 1400PSI
AN16 7/8" 13/64" 350PSI 1400PSI
AN20 1-1/8" 1-13/32" 350PSI 1400PSI