PTFE hose with PVC coat
  • PTFE hose with PVC coat

PTFE hose with PVC coat

BJR is professional factory, manufacture high precision hoses for more than 10 years, we offer best performance parts for your loved modified cars!

Inner Material: PTFE
Outer Material: PVC
Size: AN3 AN4 AN6 AN8
Temperature: -70℃ to 250℃
Pressure: 12000PSI
Usage: For brake system

BJR Performance PTFE Hose With PVC Coat

BJR Performance is a Manufacturer & Supplier for Racing Parts in China. We produce kinds of fuel hoses in various styles, S.S Braided Hose, Nylon Braided Hose, S.S Braided PTFE Hose, Push Lock Hose.

PTFE hose relatively hard, it can't be bend and folding in half. Professional installation is highly recommended.

When you need abrasion resistance, go with PTFE hose.This hose is good for fuel systems including nitromethane and alcohol.This type of hose resists all types of fluids and chemicals, including gas, ethanol, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and antifreeze. It is good for temperatures from -70 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Inner: PTFE inner line stainless steel braided, it's durable.

Outer: Stainless steel outer cover for excellent abrasion resistance

Recommended for Brake,E85, Alochol, Nitro, transmission, clutch, nitrous,power steering,

oiling, hydraulic&vaccum application

Minimum temperature -70℃,  Maxmium the temperature 250℃

Item Description
BJR0725B-03-M AN3 9/64"  3.56mm / 1/4"      6.35mm
BJR0725B-04-M AN4 3/16"  4.83mm/ 19/64"   7.62mm
BJR0725B-06-M AN6 21/64"  8.13mm/ 27/64"   10.92mm
BJR0725B-08-M AN8 27/64" 10.67mm/ 35/64"   13.72mm



  • Can be used as fuel injection hose, turbo oil feed and boost line, transmission oil cooler line, EFI fuel line, carb fuel line, ls engine swap fuel line, fuel return line, vapor return line, vacuum line, fuel supply line and other high temperature high pressure applications.
  • PTFE Lined Hose can be compatible with all automotive fuels, lubricants, and coolant.