Radiator overflow Tank
  • Radiator overflow Tank

Radiator overflow Tank

BJR is professional factory, manufacture high precision Water Tank for more than 10 years, we offer best performance parts for your loved modified cars!

Material: Aluminum
Size: Custom
Color: Custom
Use: Fuel system

BJR Performance Radiator Overflow Tank


(1) Aluminum Alloy Expansion tank

(1) Cap


Product Features:

Tank Measurement – Height  (180mm) ; Diameter  (89mm)

Tank Capacity – about 1L

Compatible with all alcohol & ethanol fuels, including E85

Compatible with both recovery and non-recovery cooling systems


Brand New. Never been used or installed

Finish available:

Black / Polished


Made from high grade 6061 aluminum

The tank fits directly to the factory bracket and simply clips into the factory bracket, just like the standard tank does.

Cleanable & reusable stainless steel breather filter element

Prolongs engine longevity

Increases engine performance

Easy to clean, empty and maintain


How to install an overflow tank?

An overflow tank is installed by finding a place to bolt or screw it to the inner fender of the car. The radiator overflow vent hose is then routed to the overflow tank and inserted into it. You will still need to keep an eye on the coolant level in the radiator and keep it topped up to ½” to 1” below the bottom of the filler neck.


How to install an expansion tank?

The expansion tank is installed exactly as the overflow tank is, but should be located about the level of the radiator header tank. The radiator pressure cap is replaced with a blanking cap as used on the MGC and the expansion tank should have the proper pressure cap for your system used on it. The overflow line from the radiator filler neck is routed to the expansion tank. Hose clamps need to be used on this line, as it now becomes a pressure carrying line rather than an overflow line. The overflow line is the one on the filler neck of the expansion tank and it has a hose attached to it that vents to the atmosphere just as the conventional radiator overflow hose does. The radiator is filled to the bottom of the filler neck and the expansion tank is filled about one half full. The use of this system will add about one pint of coolant to the system, an insignificant amount.


Item Specifications
BJRWP010 OD 89*180mmL 1L Alu