Fuel Pump Tank
  • Fuel Pump Tank

Fuel Pump Tank

BJR is professional factory, manufacture high precision Fuel Pump Tank for more than 10 years, we offer best performance parts for your loved modified cars!

Material: Aluminum
Size: 2L
Color: Black
Use: Tuning parts, Oil, Fuel

BJR Performance Fuel Pump Tank:

This surge tanks are designed to work with the Bosch 044 fuel pumps, the volume is 2L.


These tanks are designed to have the fuel pumps submerged in fuel for a quieter operation and longer life of the fuel pump.


It feature -8ORB ports for a positive seal allowing many options to plumb the fuel system. Fits BJRY-0810 Y-piece to merge pumps to a female -10ORB port.


The tank can be mounted in the engine bay to reduce the work and cost to route the fuel system from the rear of the vehicle.


We offer the tank in either polished or shiny black anodised. The black anodised finish is recommended for use with corrosive fuels such as Ethanol and Methanol.


Includes block-off plate for use as single pump tank with option to upgrade to dual pumps. 


Item Specification
BJRFT005 match single Bosch 044 pump 2L


All BJR products are made of high-grade 6061 aluminum alloy. All components are precision machined with precise tolerances for long-term durability and high-performance applications.